What services do we offer?

The services available are varied and are personalised individually to suit your needs. Every website is different, and quotes are made on an individual basis depending on whether you decide to use just one service or several in combination. We offer quality and experience at a reasonable cost. Remember that no job is too small!!!

  • Website Optimisation - Full website review and recommendations
  • Accessibility Consultancy - Ensure everyone can view your website, and that it meets web standards
  • Usability Consultancy - Make your site easier to use
  • Search Engine Optimisation - Appear higher in search engine rankings
  • Information Architecture - Improve your website structure
  • Website Design - Design a site that meets your objectives
  • Website Building - End to end, standards compliant website building
  • Computer Training - Computer tutoring for all ages

How can this help YOU?

We will help you and your business succeed online. Focusing on and understanding the web site user will improve your business and your online perception.

How do we like to work?

Our work style is personal, flexible and accommodating. Depending on your location, face-to-face consultations are favourable but not wholly necessary. We offer a personal and quality service at a fraction of the cost of larger firms.